Thanks to Amazon, Brick-and-Mortar Stores Have Lost 295K Jobs…

…and 32 other facts you should probably know.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of YES! Magazine.

Estimated jobs lost among brick-and-mortar stores because of Amazon sales by the end of 2015: 295,000 1

Number of U.S. workers Amazon employed at the end of 2015: 146,000

Number of robots working in Amazon warehouses at the end of 2014: 15,000 2

At the end of 2016: 45,000

Number of items a warehouse worker is expected to retrieve in a 10-hour shift: 1,200

Pounds of carrying capacity of one Amazon Kiva robot: 700

3, 4

Border Patrol cameras now monitoring the Mexican border and ports of entry: 8,000 5

Underground sensors: 11,000

Miles of border fencing that already exist: 688.6 6

Cost per mile of border fence constructed in 2007 by the Army Corps of Engineers and National Guard: $2.8 million

Cost per mile of fence constructed in 2008 by mostly private contractors: $3.9 million

Estimated cost per mile for the border wall called for by President Trump: $27 million 7

Percentage of Earth’s oxygen provided by rainforests and other land plants: 28 8

Percentage of Earth’s oxygen provided by ocean plants, including phytoplankton and kelp: 70

Average number of breaths a person takes in a day: 23,040 9

Breaths for which phytoplankton Prochlorococcus provides the oxygen: 1 in 5

10 11 12



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