Some Articles

The Battle To Protect One Of America’s Last Wild Landscapes (Huffington Post)

The battle to control America’s ‘most destructive’ species: feral pigs (National Geographic)

Threatened Species Rely On Ecotourism To Survive. So What Happens When The Tourists Stop Coming? (Huffington Post)

American anxiety drives a crystal boom: ‘People are looking for healing’ (The Guardian)

‘This season is off the charts’: Colorado fights the worst wildfires in its recent history (The Guardian)

The David And Goliath Story Playing Out In Alaska’s Fisheries (Huffington Post)

How We Got Conned Into Drinking Bottled Water — and How We Can Stop (Huffington Post)

For Grief-Stricken West Louisville, Hope Looks Like A Grocery Store (Huffington Post)

When the Fever Doesn’t Break: Dengue Fever Is on the Rise — a Ticking Time Bomb in Many Places Around the World (Discover Magazine)

Park + Town: Trinidad Finds New Economic Opportunity in Outdoor Recreation Thanks to Colorado’s Newest State Park (The Nature Conservancy Magazine)

The Coronavirus Could Change the Way We Eat Meat (Huffington Post)

Without Broadband Internet, Rural Towns Lack a Pandemic Lifeline (Huffington Post)

The Curious Case of the Rabbit Mountain Elk (Sierra Magazine)

Arizona’s Water Supplies are Drying Up. How Will its Farmers Survive? (National Geographic)

The arresting quiet of a crane migration in Washington (High Country News)

John Beal (1950-2006) (History Link)

How Seattle’s Appetite for Construction Is Creating a Growing Waste Problem (Seattle Magazine)

Seattle Thinks It Knows Rain. Climate Change Begs to Differ. (CityLab)

With Few Options, the BLM Is Mulling Firebreaks to Battle Sagebrush Blazes (Audubon)

Disasters are Destroying Places We Hold Dear. What We Do Next Will Make All the Difference. (Ensia)

Wildfires Have Worsened the Bay Area’s Housing Crisis (CityLab)

Hospital Beats Federal Bureaucracy to Offer Local Traditional Foods (YES! Magazine)

Bull Trout Decline Presents Stark Choices in a Changing Climate (Sierra Magazine)

American Workers Let 662 Million Vacation Days Go Unused Last Year (YES! Magazine)

Alaska’s Small Villages Turn Toward Renewables—And Don’t Look Back (YES! Magazine)

Outdoors Lovers Vote With Their Wallets, Move $45 Million Trade Show Out of Utah (YES! Magazine)

Why Climate Change Belongs in the Health Care Debate (YES! Magazine)

U.S. Doesn’t Need Trump to Honor Paris Climate Agreement (YES! Magazine)

Sticks and Stones and Dead Wolves (YES! Magazine)

Electric Trains Everywhere: A Solution to Crumbling Roads and Climate Crisis (YES! Magazine)

The Unlikely Uprising of Progressive Politics in Alaska (YES! Magazine)

Obama’s Quiet Climate Legacy: A $5 Trillion College Divestment Campaign (YES! Magazine)

If It Hadn’t Been for Those Meddling Climate Kids … (YES! Magazine)

One Clan’s Unique Weapon Against Big Oil (YES! Magazine)

Special Report: The First Nations Blockade That Could Shut Down the Tar Sands (YES! Magazine)